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Risotto is easy to eat and doesn’t require a lot of chewing. Moreover, it is quick to prepare and doesn’t [...]
Just looking at it will make your mouth water! Fresh berries provide important vitamins and oat flakes add high-quality carbohydrates. [...]
Small bites invite you to eat them more often. These mini sandwiches contain healthy fats from avocado and protein from [...]
This no-frills apple pie is quick and easy to whip up - and is delicious! This recipe can help you [...]
This salad is easy to digest and can even be modified to your liking. You can replace the feta cheese [...]
Here are some tips that can help if you have no appetite: Arrange food in an appetising way. Eat several [...]
Easy ways to add 90 g of protein to your daily diet. The following example corresponds to the protein needs [...]
You need protein! Having cancer leads to a significant increase in your need for protein. That’s why it’s important to [...]
A healthy diet plays an important role while you are receiving cancer treatment. It strengthens your body and helps you [...]
The following dietary tips can help with fatigue. Choose high-calorie foods If you can only eat small amounts of food, [...]
Avoiding meat may make it harder for you to get enough protein on a daily basis. Try choosing vegetarian meals [...]
Here are some dietary tips to help with nausea and vomiting Eat what, when, and as much as you like. [...]
Being active has many benefits for men with prostate cancer, regardless of where you are on your cancer journey. Exercise [...]
Thanks to good screening measures, most cases of prostate cancer are caught early, and the prognosis is among the best [...]